WIFI Not Working On Laptop(Working On Other Devices)

WIFI not working in laptop while working on other devices:

Hey their,

First of all thanks for visiting our blog, in this article we start our discussion about Internet not working on laptop while other device like mobile phone, our other laptop even the LAN is working properly. If you are facing this kind of problem then this article would be very helpful for you.

So, how we solve our problem 

Their may be many ways to solve this problem, but in this article we are going to discuss only the easy ways

  • By reseting your device ip.
  • By changing wifi SSID and password (Easy Way).

By reseting laptop IP address

An ip address is the address of the laptop that is generated when ever you connect to the Internet. Some of the problem with Internet that can be easily solved by reseting your device IP address

How to check your device ip address,

You can easily check your device ip address in following step

  • Open the Run window by pressing Win + R in Window 8 and above.
  • Type cmd and press enter.
  • Now the Command prompt while appear.
  • Type “ipconfig” to check your device IP

How to reset your device ip

  • Reopen the cmd by performing the above steps.
  • And type “ipconfig/release”.

How to refresh your IP

  • In the already open cmd type “ipconfig/renew” .

By Changing WIFI SSID and Password

This is one of the easiest way to solve thus kind of the  problem, also it is most Working method but you need access to the your WIFI Admin account

Open your browser and type

this will open like this

Their you can change your WIFI SSID and password

Both of the method are working as we have tested them, but we recommend you to go with second solution, as it always work for us.

Again thanks for visiting our blog and for and question related to technology be free to comment us.

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    (July 26, 2017 - 5:59 pm)

    i have face this problem.. good post.. with helpful tips..

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