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8 Things That You Should Never Do On Your Android Device

8 Things That You Should Never Do On Android Device: Android has become one of the most popular operating systems, According to the news, every nine phones in eight are actually using Android as their operating system. The biggest advantage of this operating system that makes it so popular and interesting is it is open sourced, yes it is free to use.

Most of the mobile manufacture use the Android operating system as with free operating system the overall cost of the phone also decreases a little bit.

And nowadays the android is not only limited to the mobile phone but also this operating system is available for the computer systems. The computer variant is named as the remix OS.


Now, in this post we not just going to let you know what the Android is today we are going to let you know but the things that you should never do on Android device.

First of all, I want you to be clear that if you are expert android users then this post might not be for you, this post is for the one who is not familiar with android that much.

Here, we are going to share with the eight things that you should never do on the android device, as doing all these stuff might not affect your device for now, but in the long run, it will cause some problems so read this article till the end.

So, let’s not waste your precise time, and jump into over list

10 Things That You Should Never Do On Android Device

These Android tips and tricks will help you keep your Android phone stable and performance will improve to a very large extent.

These tips also make your new Android device lot more secure and prevent any kind of data theft.

Task Killer or Battery Saver apps

Whenever we bought a new phone 90 percent of people will install a Task killer or a battery saver app on your android device, the main motive of these apps is to kill the apps that are running in the background, but, do we really need to do that.

I said NO there is no need to do in such thing and no need to install any apps to kill the background apps. This would be a trick for the older phones where the phone is having low power processors and not much ram.

But, the mobile phone that we are getting now a day the power of the processors and ram is increased, now the modern processor is capable of managing the background app very efficiently. So, I think it would be a waste of your internet data and your phone memory to use these kinda applications.

Charging Phone Full Night

Here, so if you might say that there is no problem with charging the phone at night, Yes you are right and I do agree with you. But in some case, it might cause some problems related to the battery of your device.

This would cause because of the electricity, as I live in India, I don’t know whole India but in my place, the electricity is not that smooth some time it going high on voltage while other time it goes low, also the cut off of the light might also cause damage to your device.

I’m sure most of you will place the phone near you while it is charging at night, and we all know there are many phones that heats up a lot while charging, this might cause some accident. As I believe prevention is better than cure. Instead of charging phones full night there are many android devices that will come thing quick charge, dash charges etc, and by that, you can charge your device within an hour.

Killing the BackGround Apps

I think we all do this thing, even if you are an expert Android user, that is killing the background applications, even there is a specific button that is given to you see all of your background apps and close them.

As I mentioned in our first tip there is no need to do any of such thing as the phones are nowadays are very powerful, they manage the background apps very efficiently. So, that you don’t have to kill them manually.

Even instead of gain in your phone performance and saving your device battery, I think it would make your phone and also use more battery. As the apps that you have closed when you reopen these applications. they have to restart from the initial state and it uses more power and battery.

Installing apps from Unknown Source

Most of us when we can’t find some application on the play store or some time when we want to download any paid app for free, we directly go to the google search and install the app from the third-party site.

There are two main reasons that we should not install apps from sites other than play store. First would be by doing so you are doing piracy of the software and second, it can harm your device.

Since the applications that are available on the play store, Google has complete control over that, have the google check these apps for harmful codes. But, when you download an app from the third-party site there is no one to ensure that the Application is clean and good for use.

Although if you are an android developer and have knowledge of android apps then you can check that app, other than I recommend you to stay away from this kind of apps.

Use of Antivirus

From the first day, we bought our device we want to ensure they the security of your device is best of class and for that most of the people install the antivirus. But I think the use of the antivirus software on an Android device would be a waste. I don’t think there is any need to antivirus if you use applications only from the reputed sites, they are already tested for any kind of malicious codes.

Although there are some antivirus apps that provide you with a lot of features like app lock etc. That might we think of considering, other than that there is no need to install any of the antivirus software.

Although by using this antivirus software you are making your phone slower than usual because the antivirus application that you will install on your device will continuously run in background, it will increase a little load on the processor and it also drains a lot of battery, So, I don’t recommend you to install any antivirus software.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Many of us while riding a car place our phone at bonnet of the car, this will cause direct sunlight on the phone since the phone’s screen is off, that means it is black. and we all know that the black color absorbs more light than that of other colors.

So, it will cause your phone to heat up, and by this heat, the small electronics inside your phone might get damaged. So this was the case with the car, but here my means to say is that we should not place our phone in direct sunlight for a long, as it will increase the temperature of the phone and can damage your device.

Clearing the cache memory

There are many applications that allow you to lean the cache memory, here I recommend you to not to use them, for this you must understand but is the cache memory.

The Cache memory is created in your phone to save the loading time of any application, it is the fastest storage time. For example, I like to play clash of clan we all know that the games APK size would be less than 100 MB but, when we launch the app for the first time it takes longer the norm

And now, when you check out the storage again you will find out that memory consumption of this app has increased above 200 MB now, here but is that extra 100 MB, it is the cache memory.

It is created so, that next time you launch the game next time instead to do a lot of processing, it just looks for the saved file and loads that. Same is the case with nearly all of the apps.

So, if you clear that cache memory, it makes the loading speed of the apps slower, it also put, some load on the processor.

Rooting Your Device

Yes by rooting your device you can access many features that you don’t get with the non-rooted phone, but still, I don’t recommend you to root an android f you are not an expert user. Rooting a device is very risking process it might brick your device, or can cause some other software related issues.

The other reason that’s why I don’t recommend rooting is that it will let your device unsafe and risk your privacy. I’m most of us root device to use the third-party apps like lucky patcher, freedom etc. Some of this app might be good but no one is checking them for any harmful code.

That’s why I don’t recommend you to root your device if you are not an expert user but if you are then it is good to go.

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