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3 Ways To Block A Phone Number In Android (2017 Updated Methods)

How to block number in android: I don’t have to tell what is the benefits of a mobile phone. Nowadays mobile phones are the most important accessory of life. Personally, I can’t stay one day away from my phone. Mobile phones provide us with a lot of features but, I am talking about basic calling feature. Yes, for which the phone was actually developed. The phone’s calling feature allows you to speak to your loved one at any time at any place. And the peoples who stay out from their homes for a long time know what it means to them.


Surely the phone calls would connect you with whoever you want but sometimes it starts to irritate also. Sometimes we get a lot of calls from unknown numbers those we don’t want to speak. For example the calls from Banks, computerized calls from mobile companies. We need some way to block all those calls. Can we?

YES, we can block those numbers for that you can use phones inbuilt feature or you can use third-party apps to block those unwanted numbers.
Today I will show you how you can use these features to block phone calls.
Here are the three ways to  Block number of android mobiles.


3 ways to block number

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How To Block A Number In Android #2017 Working Methods

Method 1: Activate DND

The DND service is provided by all network providers. This service was started by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The main reasons behind this service to start is to stop the calls and messages that users don’t want to allow.

What is DND

DND is a Do not Disturb service started by TRAI the primary reason behind that was to solve the user complaint to get unwanted calls from the commercial agency.

How to block calls with DND

If you want to block calls you have to register yourself for DND service.
You can call 1909(toll-free) from your landline or mobile and choose your preference accordingly.
You can also register by sending an SMS from your mobile to 1909
Type START DND or START 0 to register your self at DND service. But Remember if you send START DND or START 0 it will block all commercial calls. But if you want to block only specific agency or partially blocked registration you can send SMS in this format.
START<space><preference no> to 1909

There are 7 preference numbers to choose from:

  • START 0- Fully blocked
  • START 1- Banking, Insurance, Financial products, and credit cards
  • START 2- Real Estate
  • START 3- Education
  • START 4- Health
  • START 5- Consumer goods and automobiles
  • START 6- Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT
  • START 7- Tourism and Leisure

Once you register for DND service it will take 7 days to be effective, you can also deregister your self by calling or send an SMS STOP DND to 1909.

Method 2: Using Third Party Applications

The main problem with DND service is that you can’t block calls from a particular number. But don’t worry we also have a solution for that problem by using Third Party Apps. There are a lot of apps available in the marketplace to block the unwanted calls like True Caller, Mr. Number, Should I answer etc These apps are most easy to use work efficiently. In all those apps available for Android I suggest you go with the true caller as beside the feature of blocking calls it provides a lot more features that you should definitely give a try.

Method 3: Using Phone inbuilt feature for blocking calls

In the new Android updates, the feature of call blocking is inbuilt in the phones system, but only available on Android 5.0 and Up. For the lower versions, you can still use the third-party apps to block calls. This works similar to the third party apps like true caller etc that means you can block a specific phone number with the help of this feature.
Now let’s discuss the steps to be implemented in order to block call by this method.

  1. Firstly, open up Contact Menu.
  2. Now open up the Settings by following these steps.
    Tap on the three dots appearing on the Top Menu Bar >> click on Settings.
  3. Next, in the pop-up menu select the Add Block Contact.
  4. Click on the + sign appearing on the top menu bar to add a contact that you want to block.
  5. Repeat the same procedure for every contact number you want to block.


All of these three methods are working and tested by me in 2017, you can pick up any one of them to block calls but here are my suggestion

Activate DND service only if you want to block the commercial calls.
If you have an android phone with the operating system of jelly bean or lower use the third-party apps to block calls especially true caller. For Android version 5 and up you can use phones inbuilt feature to block calls.

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