Top 10 best free music download apps for android in 2018

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android: First of all answer my question,

Do you love Music?

Do you like to pass your free time while listening to music?

or Do you like to listen to music while working?

I’m pretty much sure that the answer to all of these question would be big “Yes”. So, today we at Skullteck we bring you with 10 plus free music download apps for your android device that you should definitely try in 2018.

There are a lot of music download and streaming application that are available for Android, But still, if you are unable to find the best music download apps for your android then you land on a right page.

Here you will get a list of 10 plus best music download applications that are available for Android.

Yes, you can also download mp3 songs from a lot of websites that are available for free. But, Whenever you try to download songs from these websites you have to face a lot of ads. and also the UI of these websites is also very complicated and it becomes really hard to find the song that you want to download.

So, these are the best free music download apps for android.

List of Best Music Download Apps for Android

Here is the list of apps that you can directly download from here or you can also search google for that

  • SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

Music download

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is one of the best apps that is available for mp3 download on Android. you can use the artist, album or song name to find your favorite songs. The best part of this application that it allows you to listen to music even before downloading that song. This will definitely when you want to preview the song before downloading. The device support of this app is also awesome has it support all versions of Android even if you are using gingerbread still you can use this amazing application

Definitely, this is one of the best apps for music download but this application is not available on the play store, So, either you can download it from the link given below or you can search this app on the google.

   Supercloud songs mp3

  • 4Shared

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

As we all know that the 4Shared is one of the biggest files sharing website over the internet. The 4Shared house a large number of the file on its website. And, it is not surprising that it has a lot of music mp3 also. The 4Shared also has an official app that you can either download from their official website or download from the link given below.

4shared also has an application dedicated music player but, recently it was removed from play store. But, don’t worry now the 4shared app has an inbuilt music player.

The best part of this application is that it provides you with 15 GB of cloud storage you can use this storage to store your favorite songs.

  • RockMyRun

RockMyRun - Best Workout Music
RockMyRun - Best Workout Music
Price: Free

If you are a fitness freak then this app is truly meant for you, at least developer claims that it is. The RockMyRun app has many features that make it so wonderful. This application store your data for better user experience, there is a sign-up or sign in a procedure that you have to follow. You can sign in if you already have signed up for this application. In this application, you can also download music on your device to hear in offline. For iOS, this application as one very cool feature that “My Beat”.

This My beat feature is something that it matches the song with your heartbeat. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Android users.

  • TubeMate Audio & Video Downloader

TubeMate is very popular youtube video downloader and we all know that. The thing that we don’t know is that this app can we used to download music. To, download music you just have to search for that video song and press the download button. When the pop will come there is an option where you can choose between the mp3 file and mp4 file. Just choose the mp3 file.


The problem with this application is that you need one more application to download music from this application, don’t worry this application is free of cost and can be found in Play store.

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
SoundCloud - Music & Audio
Developer: SoundCloud
Price: Free

Our next free music download app is SoundCloud, it is one of the best music streaming application that is available in the play store. Beside streaming your favorite music you also get the feature to download the song and store them to listen offline. The SoundCloud it available free of cost but, in the free version, you have to face some ads. But if you want to get rid of these Ads you can spend a little amount of money to remove these ads.

The Soundcloud itself is not just a music streaming or downloading  Application it is a platform that allows you to upload your own music on is SoundCloud. So it allows you to share your music with others. While others can also like, comment or share your music.Hence, we can say that SoundCloud is a platform that connects the artists from different part of worlds

  • Wynk Music

Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs
Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs
Price: Free

Now a day one more app that is getting heat and the name of the app is not other then the Wynk music application this application is available on android without any cost. This Wynk music store a lot Indian and global music. This amazing application offers an inbuilt music player. You can download music on this application by directly searching has there is a search option is given in this application, you can download your music and can play them offline.

As this application has many interesting features but the sad part of this application is that it is not free you have to pay 99 Rs (~1.5$) per month to enable the unlimited music download and streaming.

  • Gaana

The Ganna is another best application to download unlimited free music. As this is really a great music player and downloader application and there is no doubt in that. But, the main down point of the application is that the songs you download from this application are can’t be played by the other music players. i.e the songs that you download can only be played by it an inbuilt music player, although it has a really nice music player and a good user interface.

The Gaana is the best music streaming application to stream Indian music, has it only support Indian music. You can compare the Gaana app with that of Wnyk application but with only Indian songs.

Like Wnyk in Gaana, you can’t download music until you have paid subscription, but you can still stream unlimited music.

  • Google play music

Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Price: Free

The google play music is the official application that is developed by Google, right now Google is now aggressively trying to get a good hold on your devices. So, why would leave the music side? The google developed its official music app Google Play Music That is freely available on the play store and also is nearly every phone this app is pre-installed.

The google play music has thousands of songs in its database. Using this application you can also discover and subscribe to podcasts.

You can download tracks in various formats like MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC, and OGG.

The google play music has an exciting feature known to be smart suggestions. By this application would show you the kinds of music that you would like or it shows music according to your taste.

  • Copyleft Mp3 Downloader


If you want to store music on your storage media so, that you can access it any time also want to play it with other music players. I’m sure most of the application does not provide that. But, if you want that then Copyleft Pm3 Downloader is definitely meant for you.

Using this application you can download music directly to your storage media. Searching any song or album in this application is very easy as there is search bar provided so, just search your favorite songs and download it.

   Copyleft Mp3

This app is not available in the Play Store but we have provided you with the direct download link to this application

  • Music paradise Pro

music paradise

Music paradise Pro is undoubtedly is one of the best music downloader application, but it provides something that most of the music downloader don’t, this is an incredible search engine providing access to sound effects, short clips, mp3 songs, and ringtones. These sound effect and all comes very handily if you are a developer or you like to play with sounds. This app is very easy to use but, in this app, you have to face a lot of Ads, Despite all those annoying Ads this app is worth of trying.

Music Paradise

Final words

So, this was our list of top 10 music download apps available for Android,

If you have any other app that we forget to add to this list please let us know in comments


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