Top 5 Android Feature That You Might Not Be Using

Android Feature That You Might Not Be Using:

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Android OS was first launched in 22 October 2008. We are using android for long time, but if i told you that their are some basic android feature that you might not be using. These features can be used to increase security of the your  phone or can increase your phone performance. Some features are useful in making your phone really smart.

Here are those 5 Android Feature

  • Android Device Manager.

For me i would consider, Android Device Manager to be the most important feature in android operating system. This make your phone safe from the threat of being lost or stolen. If you enable this feature you ca easily track your phone and find its location and do many other stuff. Click If you want to learn more about android device manager.

  • Smart Lock.

Has clear from the heading is a locking system that make your phone smart. This feature works as follow, For example you want your phone to automatically lock whenever you go to a particle location. Location can be your home, office or anywhere you want to set on Google map. Not a feature that you must have to enable, but seems to be very cool.

  • Airplane Mode.

Most of us when we here about airplane mode or flight mode we may think, we have to enable this feature on airplanes etc. What we never try to know any other feature of flight mode. We all know that when we turn ON the airplane all of our connections such as Internet connection, blue tooth etc. We don’t know is that if we charge our battery in flight mode it will charge 30 – 40 % faster. You should try this atleast one time.

  • Owner Information.

The feature also provide some kind of security to your phone. For instance if you have lost your phone and a good person find your phone, if he see you information on the front lock screen(Phone number, Address etc). He will try to call you or by another he will return your phone but this will only happen if you provide some owner information on the screen. you can add many other information like your blood group etc

  • Enable GPU Randering.

This feature is for gamers and developers. Finding this feature under the setting is not available for first. This feature is inside the developer options. You can open the develop option by going to about phone in there you will find build number, click on the build number 4 times. Then go back you will see an another option the developer menu named “Developer Options” . In the developer options you can easily find option to enable GPU Randering. You may ask what is the function of enabling this feature. By enabling the GPU randering you can increase phone’s gpu performance, you will notice this increase in performance when you play games. Games after enabling this feature will run little bit more smoother then without it.


Hope you like this article, if you have any question about technology feel fee to comment below.

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