Things To Consider Before Buying a New mobiles

Things to consider before buying a new mobiles:

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If you are planning to buy new phone, first of all read this article, then choose your device. The Main features of any mobile include its Camera, Processor, screen resolution, Ram etc. Here inn this article we will discuss what are the main specification that you should check before buying a new laptop

So, lets start


Right now in the new mobiles the cameras are greatly improved. How will you find that whether the specific phone camera is good for you or not, right now most of people rate cameras by their mega pixels only. But the mega pixel is not the only factor that decide whether the camera is good or bad. But have you ever wonder that a android phone and a apple phone both have 2MP camera but when you compare them the image quality will be lot better on iphone, now the question is why? the reason behind this the sensors and camera lens aperture. Nomally every Apple device come with all the necessary sencors that the required, but the same is not the case with that of android(not considering high devices), so from now when ever buy a mobile phone first check the their are all of the required sensors.


The another more important thing you need  to consider is the processor that is used in the mobile phone. At the present time the best processor is snapdragon processors. But is many mobile phone they use mediatak processors, they are really not good gaming or any other kind of heavy use. So your phone start to lag.

Now if you have to choose processor we recommend the following order.

  1. snapdragon
  2. exynos
  3. kirin
  4. mediatak

But never buy a phone with mediatak processor they are really very bad in usage.


Ram is the another main factor that decide whether the phone is good or bad. Their many mobiles that come with 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB of RAM, and whenever we have to choose a phone we go with the maximum RAM. And yes, the size of ram matter. But, one another that matter a lot is that what type of ram is that, and i am sure that no one will consider that. Their are many mobile that  come with 4 GB of ram but the ram used is DDR3 which is not bad but not so good as compared to DDR4 rams. So next time check this also before buying a new phone.

These are the main thing that you need to consider before buying a new phone, I know their may be other thing like Phone battery, screen DPI etc. But we have discussed only the features that we normally don’t consider while buying a new phone.


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