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How to Recover Accidentally Deleted or Corrupted Data

Whenever we delete something important in our computer or laptop, we can recover that data from recycle bin or trash. But if we accidentally delete data from recycle bin then we can’t recover that data from recycle bin. Especially in the Case of SD Cards or Pen Drives whenever we delete data stored in these storage medias then the data does not go to the recycle bin. In this kind of situations, we need a proper way to recover the lost data. So, today in this article I will show you how to recover accidentally deleted data.
Recently we  have posted an article about how to fix a corrupted SD Card  or Pen Drive those methods are enough for one who just wants to fix an SD Card or Pen Drive, But if there is some important data on the SD Card and you definitely don’t want to format that data to recover the SD Card or Pen Drive.

There may be a lot of tools available for recovering data but, in this article, we are only considering the tool that  we have tested on our device to recover the deleted data

How to Recover accidentally Deleted or Corrupted Data

Tool that I am using to recover the deleted data is Recuva, you can download Recuva from here

   Download Recuva


Recuva is the best File recovery software available for windows. Recuva has both free and paid version of this software, but for home users, the free version is enough. It is a really useful tool and easy to use means you don’t have to use commands to recover data all the work is done graphically
Using Recuva you can recover files not only from the internal computer drives but you can also use this tool to recover files from the removable media like SmartMedia, Secure Digital cards, Memory stick, digital cameras, Sony memory sticks, Compact flash cards and much more.

How to Use Recuva to Recover the Data

  • Download the Tool from the link given above or you can directly download it by directly searching it on google.
  • Install the program on your computer and finish the installation.
  • After installation complete open the tool you will see a welcome window by Recuva wizard, This will pop up every time you launch the Recuva you can disable it checking the Do not show this wizard on startup
  • Click on next, here you can choose the type of file you want to recover this become helpful in some conditions when you have deleted large number of file and want to recover only specific files, by this way you can sort those files easily
  • Next, you have to select the location, Where the deleted file was located. Don’t worry if you are not sure about the storage of file then you can choose I’m not sure from here. If you choose a specific location for a file then the Recuva will look for a file only in that specific location instead of checking all storage system in your computer system.
  • Now click on Start to initiate the process of searching for the deleted files, here you will see one more option of Enable Deep Scan, if you select this option it will take an hour to scan the hard disk for the deleted file. i recommend you enable this option only if can’t find your file in the normal search.
  • On clicking the start button the processing will start and soon you will be provided with a list of deleted files, here you will also find the option to recover those file just select the file and click on recover.

So, in this way you can also recover your deleted data. I shared this tool has it is easy to use and work efficiently, But how was you experience with this tool comment down below. And if you have any other doubt feel free to comment down below.

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