How To Create PayPal Account In Easy Steps (For Indian Users)

How to create PayPal Account : If you started to work online, sometime you might need to make some payment or receive some payments. You can make payment anywhere without PayPal if you have a global debit/credit card. But have you think of receiving payment online of course your debit/credit card are not going to work their ultimately you need a PayPal account, as PayPal is most secure way to make and receive payments online. PayPal has been one of the oldest and most-trusted services to send and receive payment. So, today we are providing you a tutorial on how to create a PayPal  account step by step.

If you are from India then you need to read these important thing before proceeding. First of their are no strict rules about Paypal. Means we use Paypal to buy good online and can also withdraw money to our banks. But in 2010 RBI imposed some new rules on Paypal, according to these rules we can use Paypal only to withdraw money to our banks, we can’t use Paypal to buy goods online. And the second important thing is that the two Indian users can’t send or receive money from each other

Why To Use PayPal

First of all one might consider why to use PayPal, so here is list of benefits of PayPal

  • Miss use of your account information is the biggest threat on internet, so by using PayPal you can your payment without exposing your credit card details.
  • Some international website only allow payments to be done by credit cards, PayPal can help those people who does not have credit cards.
  • You can receive payment from outer countries easily with the help of PayPal.

Step To Create PayPal Account

First of all you have to open official website of and then click on sign up to create a PayPal account.

On clicking on the signup next screen will appear where your are going to ask to select between personal and business account. Firstly we recommend you to start with the personal account, as you can also upgrade your account later which is also a very easy to do.

After clicking on your choice one the next page you will see a forum all the necessary details about your credit/debit card or you can also skip this to fill later once you have inserted your details you can use PayPal to make payments.

But if you are a Indian user your PayPal account is limited. You can make payments to any one but to receive payments to complete following tasks.

  • Add your pan card

It is must to have a pan card to use PayPal, if  you are underage and do not have pan card you can use you parents

  • Confirm your email

PayPal will  sends a confirmation email to the email id you provided at the time of registration. Click on the clink provided in the email and follow the instructions to verify your email, they might also ask for email verification that is also very easy. They will send OTP on the provided phone number just add the OTP to the website and your number will be verified.

  • Add the bank account

You must have to enter the bank account to receive payments, consider that this is the bank account in which all of the transaction will be made

  • Purpose code

They will also ask for your purpose code for joining the PayPal, don’t worry friends they are just asking for your reason o why you want to join PayPal. The page will look like this

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