Liquid Cooling System in Computer/Laptop

Liquid Cooling System in Computer/Laptops:

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In my last blog i mentioned about my laptop getting over heat and finally shutdown while playing games, and laptop on charging. If you have same kind of problem and you don’t have read that article then you must firstly read that article.

after getting the solution for my problem, i started to think about the permanent solution for this kind of problem, so i start searching on Internet. Then i come to one solution, using water for cooling instead of air.

When i first time read the water is going to be used in cooling process in making me curious and it rise one question for me. and that was


First of all think about what happen when you combine water and electronics, of course it is not going to be good for your electronics.

So, how all this system works

Water cooling in laptop or Computer is similar to that of water cooling in your cars, has both work on the principle of thermodynamics.

That is whenever a hot surface is brought over a cool surface then the hot surface start cooling and the cooled surface start becoming warm

For example when you put your palm on a block of ice after some time your hand starts to freeze, and if some time ice from the area also starts to melt.

In the same way the water cooling in laptop works but to place the water  over our electronic we need some mechanism that can provide a gap between the water and electronic.Instead of that their are some other product that are used in water cooling like pump, radiator, etc.

Water colling is way better then that of air cooling, in water cooling you don’t need thing from outside. Air cooling is good, but we that air is not pure at all. Their is a lot of dust in air that would also go into your laptop and after some time laptop might starts to overheat.Moreover if you Use water cooling in laptop and use a transparent glass and do some lightening that look really cool.

Despite of many advantage of water cooling are some lacks also

  • water cooling is very expensive then air cooling
  • If their is any leak of water inside it will be a disaster for you

Our Opinion

In my opinion you must stick to the air cooling if you use computer for normal stuff. but if you want to do some crazy work like over clocking your CPU other stuff in which you put your computer hardware to full power then i will recommend you to take at water cooled computer at the time you buy a new computer.

Some of us might confuse about is their any water cooled laptop

Then the answer is ‘YES’ you can check it here.

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