Laptop Shuts down While Playing Games

Laptop Shuts down While Playing Games

Laptop Shuts down While Playing Games:

Hello, Friends, if you are a gamer and use your laptop, has a gaming device you might also have faced the problem of laptop shut down while playing games. This is the problem that I have faced in recent days, I also found the solution for my problem and the cause for this problem. So, I think why not to share it with others if you are facing this same kind of problem stick to this post are read the complete article.

More specifically in my case, the laptop only shut down when the laptop charger is connected or the laptop is charging.

Laptop Shutdown


Lets us first consider the reason For the Laptop Shuts Down While Playing Games.

Reason For Laptop Shuts Down While Playing Games

I have searched a lot of websites for the reason behind this annoying shutdown. Finally, I reached for these reasons. They are

  • Dust in fans or inside the Laptop.
  • Less flow of air through the bottom of Laptop.

There may be a lot of more reasons for this shutdown like faulty motherboard or any other hardware. But here we are not considering any of these reasons because they are not easy to be recovered by own.
I suggest you follow these steps and try these methods if no method works for you then you can go to customer care and ask your laptop to be repaired.

The solution for these reasons is given below.

Solution To These problems

You might have best of the class specifications for your laptop. But there are maybe other reasons for this shutdown as they are mentioned above.
Now here is the solution for these problems.

Laptop Shuts Down Due To DUST In Fans or Inside The Laptop

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Using more and more efficient hardware for your laptop is not going to be very well for your laptop against the dust. Stop dust from getting entered into the laptop is not an easy job. If you have a dust problem with your laptop then you may require a lot of knowledge of your laptop internals to clear fans of your laptop. But I suggest you not to open your laptop screws without knowing the complete knowledge of your laptop hardware. Personly I suggest you go to the service center and ask your laptop to be services that will be good.

Laptop Shuts Down Due To Less Flow Of Air Through The Bottom Of Your Laptop

One thing that I additionally noticed that the laptop only shut down while playing high graphics games and more often when the charger is also plugged in.
We all know the whenever we charge a battery in produce heat energy. But this heat energy is not making your laptop to shut down. As you can play the low graphics games or do your regular laptop work without any problem. We use more and more powerful hardware on our laptop this powerful hardware also causes heat.  This heat also not makes your laptop to shut down as you can play graphics games when the charger is not plugged in. So, what causes our laptop to shut down, the reason behind that when you play high graphics games with your laptop is being charged. Here both the charging and the high performance both cause a lot of heats when these two mixes this will give rise to heat more than the safe point of your laptop.


You might think what is this safe point?

The safe point of heat in your laptop is set by the manufacturer when the heat crosses a certain point it will automatically shut your laptop down so that there is no damage to the laptop hardware by the heat usually this is a failsafe mechanism and this is important too. there may be some way to stop this fail-safe but I don’t recommend you to do that, because you may end with damaging your laptop internals.

As now you will get the idea of this safe point for heat. In my testing that I have done with my laptop, I found that the laptop shut down at the temperature of above 90 degrees.

So, how can we protect our laptop from this problem?

First of all, keep your laptop on a flat surface while playing games, even the bed sheet can stop the air from going into your laptop make sure there is a proper flow of air in the bottom of your laptop.

I hope this will solve your problem if not then you can also invest in a good quality cool pad for your laptop.

If you have any other ways to solve these problems then you can comment down below if you have any other laptop or computer related question feel free to ask.

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