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How To Increase RAM in Android Using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander

RAM📀 is one of the important components of every smartphone📱 or computer devices💻. So, if you are about to buy a new smartphone📱 or computer try to look for the device with more RAM. The RAM💿 makes your system run faster and smoother.


RAM is the Android devices is no different than in a computer both of these RAM stand for Random Acess Memory. One might think how RAM can make your system to run faster. The answer to this question is that the RAM is a type of storage memory in the computer system but this memory is very fast as compared to the other computer system. Whenever we start an application the device load the application from the main memory and load that data into the ram for faster access of data if there is no ram available then the system can’t load the data to the ram and the system will run slow. So the RAM is necessary for the smooth working of the application.

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ran increase

How to Increase the RAM in Android With RAM Expander

As now we know the RAM is very important to how to increase the RAM in Android. In the computer Systems or laptop, we can easily upgrade our Ram by buying a RAM from the Store and install it on our computer but similar can’t be done with Android as there is no upgrade slot for ram in android. In Android, we can’t use external hardware to increase the RAM of the device but we can use the memory on the external or Internal SD Card as a virtual RAM.
Here is the requirement to increase the RAM of an android device

  • Rooted Android Device.
  • High-quality SD Card (class 10 or up).
  • up to 2GB of Storage.
  • ROEHSOFT RAM Expander applications

Cover artROEHSOFT RAM Expander is the main software to increase the RAM on the Android device. It Uses your SD Card as a virtual memory Or virtual RAM that can be used o increase the performance of the Android device. The ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is developed by ROEHSOFT and it cost about US$ 9.99. But before buying this software I recommend you to download a free software MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check. You can’t use this app to increase the ram of the android but in this free version, you can check whether your device is compatible or not.



MermoryInfo & Swapfile check

After Checking your device for compatibility download the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) from here


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Increase RAM

After Downloading the Software install it on your device or you can install the app directly from the Google Play Store.
Now open the App then it will ask for Root permissions Grant the SuperSU permission to the RAM Expander.

 ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)- screenshot
You will then see a screen with a slider that can be adjusted depending on how much RAM you want to be dedicated to the SWAP partition. If you’re not sure about how much ram you want to allocate, simply tap Optimal Value then the app will automatically find the optimal value for your device and set that. Before proceeding, ensure that Autorun is enabled and when you’re happy to tap the Swap Activ button

 ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)- screenshot

The Process would create a .swap file on the SD Card don’t try to delete that file as your phone is using that memory as the virtual RAM. After Creating the partition your Android will run with improved performance your can test it by opening your favorite game or by open a bunch of apps together

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