How to Compress A 1GB files To 100MB

Compress a 1GB file to 100MB:

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With the advancement in technology like in cameras, high graphic games size of file as also been greatly increased. For example few year earlier, if we click a photo its size would be less 1MB. But now the size would be between 3-4 MB. That is good think that it increase the quality of image. But it also cause our storage to fill faster.


So, what can we do to store lot of files but worrying about storage, one good solution to this problem is by compressing the file on your device. Their may be lot of compression tools out their, but here we are going to discuss the KGB archiver. This is a free tool and is very easy to use.

You can download KGB archiver from here

How to use KGB archiver

This tool is really easy to use just follow the following steps to compress files

  • Download the KGB archiver from the above link
  • Install it on your laptop or computer

After installing open KGB archiver, you will see the following screen.

  • Now just click next, choose a place where you want to store file on your computer, also name the file whatever you want. As in this example i choose the file name to be demo. Now here you have to select the format of archive. You will get to option zip and kbg. If you choose the zip then you cannot compress the file to maximum level. if you want to compress GB file to MB we recommend you to go with kgb.


  • Next choose the level of compression for you file, and then choose the file you want to compress that can be any file in any format, here for example i am taking a video file and press next
  • Here the compression starts

Now the time taken in the compression process depend on the size of the file you are compressing, larger the file more time it take to compress. after completion it will show

The KGB archiver is really an awesome tool for compressing larger file, the main problems with this tool is that the larger files take lot of times, and we can choose the maximum compression in only kgb format.

Problem with kgb format is that, we can open zip file with any compression tools like win zip, winrar etc. but for kgb file can only be decompressed with KGB archiver. The process of decompressing is same as that of compressing, in here you have to choose decompress archiver from the first screen.

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