How To Bypass AppLock In Android Phones

How To Bypass AppLock In Android Phones:

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From the heading you might know that in this article we are going show you can you bypass any app locker in your android phone. Seems interesting, many of your friend might not tell you about their lock code, but by this method you can easily open those apps like gallery, whatsapp, Facebook etc and many more. So i you have to know how this work you can continue reading this article.

How This Work

First of all, i want to make you clear about we are not going to use any third-party app or some external device(like laptop, computer etc) to unlock the phone’s applications. Now how we proceed, most of the android user does not know about that there is a safe mode in their android phone.

Some of here might think what is the function of the safe mode and why it is android device

The safe mode is like a fail safe for android. An Android device will enter Safe Mode when its operating system has become corrupt, or when one or more third-party applications have caused the device to malfunction. One important fact about safe mode is that, in safe mode none of your third-party apps like App Lock, CM Lock etc will work in the safe mode and only the important applications like Facebook, whatsapp etc and other phone functions will work.

We can take this as a advantage to see that what someone is hiding in their gallery or we can open their private apps like Facebook, whatsapp to read others chats.

How To Open Safe Mode

Safe mode is the backbone of this trick, so one must now about how to open the safe mode in the phone. Of course i don’t know about the safe mode codes for every mobile. Their may be different code for different phones, but i have a Samsung mobile and if you also have Samsung mobile you can use the following code to boot into safe mode.

First of all power of your device, than power on your device by pressing Volume Down(↓) + Power Button, and keep the buttons pressed until the main screen does not appear.

You can also be check that you are in safe mode or not by looking at bottom of the screen their you will see the “Safe Mode” would be written on there

How to keep your data safe

  • Try to use phone INBUILT lock feature
  • Never tell anyone about your main home screen lock

Thanks, hope you like this article, and if you have any question about technology or want any specific trick, feel free to comment down below, we will do our best to solve your problem


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