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How to Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher

Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher: Hello friends, today we are back with a new amazing trick and heard right to dual boot android. Now a day android is not just a simple operating system that is required to just operating a phone. When an android is in your hand this opens door to a lot of possibilities like, increase ram(Virtual RAM), dual boot android (multi Rom Installing) and many more. Also, their and lot of easy methods to root android by using a computer or even without a computer.

We have all heard about dual booting our laptop or desktop computer but, the thing we don’t know is that we can also dual boot our android. There may we many methods to dual boot an android, but here today we are only talking about the method we have tried and that worked for us. i.e using Dual Boot Patcher.

Dual Boot Patcher

DualBootPatcher is an open-source app that allows multiple ROMs to be installed on a single Android device. It does its best to work with existing code and does not require explicit support from ROMs. You can’t find this in Play Store but, don’t worry the download link for this application is given below. This application currently supports 300+ devices

List of devices Supported by Dual Boot Patcher can be found here 

   Dual Boot Patcher

From the above link, you will be redirected to a website where you can download this Application.

Why use Dual Boot Patcher

Normally, whenever we install any ROM on our device we have to wipe out our data first or you have to create a backup of your device but, we still recommend you to create a backup first. Creating a backup and keeping that backup both are not easy. But, if you dual boot android with dual boot patcher you don’t have to wipe out your data. Also, its second most amazing feature is that you can even switch between your two Roms like that in your computer

How to download Rom For your Android

Now, another big question that comes to our mind is that

How to download a Rom that suits your device?

The answer to that question would be what device you are holding right now and which type of Rom you want to install like if you want to install a CyanogenMod Rom then head over to their official website or you can directly search that on google.com

One very popular site where you can download a lot of Roms is XDA developers. So, just head over their and search for your device. I’m sure you will find a good Rom over theirs.


  • Supported Android device(check the supported devices  from the above-given link)
  • Dual boot Patcher (download from above link)
  • Rooted Android Device
  • Tick on the install from the unknown source
    Settings->search for Security->then search for Unknown Source
  • Custom recovery installed on your device
  • Litte bit knowledge of Android and Patience

Warning: Dual booting is a risky process that can end up with serious damages to your phone. Proceed at your risk.

dual patcher
Image source XDAdeveloper

How to Dual Boot Android Using Dual Boot Patcher

Note: This method is common for all supported devices of android, but while download ROM please ensure your ROM is exactly for your device. Do not try dual booting Roms that are not built for your device this might cause a lot of trouble for you.

So, let finally start to dual boot your android device

  1. Download and install the Dual Boot Patcher app on your device.
  2. Open the dual boot patcher and go to ROMs. It will say primary
  3. Click the menu button and choose “Set Kernel
  4. Scroll down until you find “your device” and Select it
  5. Download the ROM to your device and save them on your phone
  6. In Dual boot patcher, go to “Patch Zip file” and choose your ROM
  7. A pop will come and choose Patch Option
    Here choose your device and select the Partition configuration here you will find these slots detail here
    but, I recommend you to choose data slots to keep the installed ROM on internal memory storage
  8. Now move the patched ROM to /Patch.
  9. Now in dual boot patcher go to ROMs and select in-app flashing, now click on the + icon, select the “Add-Patch File
  10. Select the Rom from the Patch folder. and open it
  11. Then click on keep location, after that click on the tick icon on the top
  12. Now you see the ROM is started to be installed
  13. Wait until the installation is finished.

How to Switch between two ROMs

Switching between two ROMs is not a very difficult task you just have to install the same application Dual boot patcher on this form also, in the same way, as we do in the first ROM

Then you would be able to switch between different ROMs

You just have to select the ROM you want to install and reboot your device from the Dual Boot Patcher application.

Video Tutorial On how to Dual Boot Android

Final Words

So, this was the method from which you can dual boot your device easily. Hope you will install dual ROM without any error. But, if you still face any error feel free to comment down below.

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1 thought on “How to Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher

    Rakesh Kumar

    (February 15, 2018 - 7:23 pm)

    After dual boot setup, it directly goes to twrp recovery.
    I want to keep the miui as primary and any other rom as secondary(data slot).

    So as per ur suggestion if I make a twrp backup, then formatting everything will solve the dual boot issue.

    So I want to know, should i restore the miui backup 1st, after format, and then try dual boot, OR
    after format, 1st install dual boot, and then restore the miui backup?????

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