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How To Download And Install Windows Updates For Free

As the windows as many version now the latest version is windows 10, But the company is still providing Windows

updates for its older versions of windows 8.1 , and it is must to download the latest version of windows as the Microsoft as cleared that the security updates are not available for are the older version of windows

How to install window 8.1 updates

Their are two ways install latest windows updates

Method 1: Using Update and recovery to get latest updates

This is the easiest way to check and download the latest windows updates
control panel

  1. Open the Control Panel in new window .
  2. Click on View by and set the View as the Large Icons.
  3. Click on Window Updates, in the next window click on Check for updates.

Method 2: Downloading Updates manually

As the method given above is the best way to install new window updates, but their is one more method that we have install latest window updates. In this method we have to manually download and install the updates one by one. This method is also a proper working method, but i prefer the Method one for simplicity. Don’t this method also work fine.

Here are the Steps to Install the Update by the this method

  1. Head to Microsoft windows official website to search for the latest updates
    or you can download from the links given below
    Official Windows Update download links:

  2. After downloading we have to install the updates one by one it as simple as installing any simple program on computer, but you have to reboot your computer after installing every update, Remember the Reboot is necessary .

You might get some error while installing the window updates, but if you encountered this error

it means you have not installed the previous update, to solve this you just have to install the window updates in a sequence order in which they are given above.

Hope this article will help you solve your problem if not then feel free to comment below we try our best to solve your problem.

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