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10 Reasons why I prefer desktop over laptop

10 Reasons for Desktop is better than laptop: If you are about to buy a new computer you might get confused on what to buy a laptop or a desktop. Don’t worry you are not the only one who got confused with that most of people get confused when it come to Desktop vs laptop. Both of these devices are their own pros and cons. Now a day the youngsters want to purchase the laptop because of its mobility, you can easily carry your Laptop in a bag and can go anywhere and that’s why Laptop is popular. In this article i will show you why desktop is better than laptop.

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10 Reasons why Desktop is Better Than Laptop

I also agree with them that the laptop has some really great feature but still don’t recommend you go with the laptops here are the 10 Reasons for that.

Whenever you decide to buy a new computer the first thing that comes to mind is the price of the computer it should be in your budget. And generally, laptops are more expensive than desktops. If you want to purchase a quality laptop with good features you have to pay $550 -$ 600, but you can easily get a desktop in less than $350 – $400.

  • Safe and Secure

Desktops are more secure than that of laptops. You get the portability option for a laptop what this option available not only for you the thief and other can also take your laptop very easily. Or in the other case, you might forget your laptop somewhere and you have to find it now. While on the other hand, the desktops are big and it is not easy to steal someone’s desktop.

  • Assembling the Computer

The another great feature that the desktop gives us is that the assembling of computer system you choose your hardware for your computer there are many companies that provide same hardware but at different price ranges, you can choose which is better for you and can install it easily on your device. Most of the laptops are prebuild and you can add hardware of your own choice.

  • Repairing

Now if we consider the repairing of the laptop it is very time consuming and expensive and you have to leave your laptop to the authorized service center at wait for it to be repaired and they take weeks or even months to repair a laptop. With Desktop you can call the engineer to your home and he repairs it in a day or two days.

  • Graphics Card

Graphics cards are one of the most important hardware in your computer and also most of the laptop and desktop come with in-built features of graphics cards. But in laptops, you don’t get any option to upgrade your Graphics card.

  • Mouse and Keyboard

Laptops have inbuilt keyboard and mouse or track pad they might stop working after some time. It is a very expensive and time-consuming process to change the keyboard and mouse in the laptop has to do that you have to disassemble your laptop completely. In desktops, the keyboard and mouse are the external devices and can be replaced easily.

  • HardDisk

The Harddisk is used to store data on your computer. In laptops, there is no option to upgrade internal hard disk you can use only one hard disk or you can buy an external hard disk instead of the internal hard disk and use it with your laptop. While on the desktop you get the option to upgrade your hard disk even you use the multi hard disk on your desktop.

  • Display

It is hard to find a laptop with the good quality display. To get a good quality display you have to raise your budget to higher end laptops has most of the companies provide HD displays only in costly laptops.
In a desktop you do not face this type of problem has display monitor is an external device and you get a large variety of product to choose a better display for your computer.

A computer speed and processing depend upon Ram and it’s processor if your computer doesn’t build with the good processor and Ram then your computer cannot perform well.
Laptops come with good Ram and processor, but It’s very hard to upgrade laptops Processor, on the other hand, it’s very easy to upgrade your desktop with new technology.

  • Durable

Laptops are not too strong, they can damage by simple shock, but desktops are rough and tough.All the parts are separated, so it’s not easy to damage desktops. More over the life time of desktop is very high as compared to the laptops.

Few Words: These were my reasons for considering a laptop to buy if you have any suggestions then comment down below.

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