How To Check The SAR Value Of Android(#2017 Working Method)

How To Check The SAR Value Of Android: In present time the 📱Android as become every one favorite.  Most of the people all around the 🗺world are using the Android devices. if you take the survey you will find out eight out of every ten people are using android. Which smartphone OS you are using? if that is android do you know the SAR value of your device, if not then don’t worry today we will tell you the way to check the SAR value of any Android device.


What is SAR Value

Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the Android device when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field. SAR value depends on the power absorbed by the mobile phone. This greatly depends on the geometry of the parts of the body.
You often noticed that people telling each other to not put their phone close to their body when they go to bed, by telling you that the phone emits the electromagnetic radiation which is definitely not good for the body. Well, in this case, they are right. The phones do emit the electromagnetic radiation that will be bad for your body.

To be Safe from this radiation you might have forgotten one important thing to consider while buying your device. As we check the Camera, Battery life of the device while buying it but no one Check the SAR value. So next time you go out to buy a new device consider the SAR value also. The maximum value limit allowed in India is 1.6 W/Kg, this calculation for SAR value is usually done by the manufacturers of the smartphones and then sold out in the market. Any smartphone having an SAR value more than this number cannot be sold in India.

How to Check the SAR Value in the Android

However, if we buy a device which does not have SAR Value too high, but remember the SAR value of the device is not constant. The first time the SAR value in Checked by the manufacturer after developing the device. But when we continuously Use the device with time its SAR Value start to increase, hence we need a way to check the SAR Value of your Android device by yourself. Here is the way to do so.

You can check the SAR value by the USSD code on your Android device. Just use the USSD Code *#07#, after dialing it you will be provided with the radiation level in your device in SAR.
Note the SAR Value in your device must be below 1.6W/Kg, if not then you should immediately call the customer care service.


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