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How To Check The SAR Value Of Android(#2017 Working Method)

How To Check The SAR Value Of Android: In present time the 📱Android as become every one favorite.  Most of the people all around the 🗺world are using the Android devices. if you take the survey you will find out eight out of every ten people are using android. Which smartphone OS you are using? if that is android do you know the SAR value of your device, if not then don’t worry today we will tell you the way to check the SAR value of any Android device. Continue reading How To Check The SAR Value Of Android(#2017 Working Method)

Lenovo Finally Lunch its K8 Note (#KillerNote)

Today on August 9, 2017 lenovo launch its killernote (Lenovo K8 Note). Lenovo named it has K8 after K6, still no one knows but they did with K7. This phone feature really awesome on paper specifications. This device has been launched global but it is going to be available only in indian mobile phone market.



The biggest highlight of this phone is its dual camera setup This phone feature two cameras in which main camera is a 13 MP camera and the other camera is a 5 MP camera for depth sensing that is made by samsung. Seems like the lenovo K8 note will perform good with camera. As the older lenovo mobile are nnot known for its good camera quality.


Another main change that lenovo made with this phone is that you can’t see the lenovo custom UI in lenovo K8, it is based on simple stock design. Lenovo K8 note would be running on Android 7.1.1, lenovo as also promised about the phone will get android O support also. The security update on lenovo K8 note is of july month, Again the lenovo has promised that the phone will get its security update in every three month.


One thing that Lenovo does not do right with lenovo K8 note is choosing he processor for the phone. This phone is running on MediaTek Helio X23 which is a 10 core processor which does not look bad on paper but our experience with the mediatek specially my experience was not really good. It would be nice if the lenovo go with snapdragon processor they work really great in many of the android devices.


Now coming to the Ram the phone has two variants one with 3 GB  of ram with 32 GB storage and other with 4 GB of ram with 64 GB storage the price are Rs 12999 and Rs 13999 respectively in india.


Their are many other features like phone features a 1080p Display, it is also been said that the phone has gorilla glass but it is not specified which version of it. And the previous notes from lenovo the phone will also support the theater max.

The phone features a 13 MP front camera, it will also support pro mode. The phone has 4000 mAh battery capacity, the quick charge support

Few word

The phone looks really good on paper, but we can’t say anything before testing this device.

JioPhone Registration Starts Date And Process

JioPhone Registration Starts Date And Process:

Hey Their,

Right now the JioPhone is the most awaited 4G featured phone in India. Recently the @reliancejio Tweeted about the registration. JioPhone will be available for beta testing from August 15 while the actual bookings will start from August 24. The process will be similar to that of last year plan, when it offered Jio services in beta stage first before the actual rollout in September. Peoples who have submitted the JioPhone registration form will start to receive JioPhone from September, in the same manner as the Jio services were provided, the who order first will get his phone first.

The Booking for this phone is going to be lot as the with the price of Rs 0* (* for condition) , the condition for this is that you have to first deposit Rs 1500 to get the phone. But the company as promised that they will return the money if the phone is returned after three year of use.

How to Book Your JioPhone on Internet

For individual bookings, users only need to share their details like name, email ID, contact number with area pin code.

For business booking, Users need to share contact details with their company’s name, area pin code, PAN or GSTN, email IDs and contact number. They also need to provide the quantity of the handsets required.

Users can also register for JioFi through this link

Information source NDTV Click on that link to get more information.

Few Words

Demand For JioPhone is going to be very high, so book your jiophone as soon as possible.

How To Repair A Soft Bricked Samsung Phone

Repair A Soft Bricked Samsung Phone:

Hey Their,

You may know about soft brick, if you don’t then soft brick is a usually when the android in stuck in boot loop. And as the name implies, is caused by a software error, usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot. Some time this will help unintentionally when you load some third party Application to your android phone,these application might corrupt your operating system causing a soft brick. On othe time when some trying to root a android phone something might wrong might happen like phone battery goes down while rooting or phone get switched off due to any other reason, this will let your phone a state where it stuck in booting.

If you are also facing the problem of soft brick in your android phone from what ever developer it is you can repair your phone easily, but different android phones have different solution. In this article we are going to discuss how to repair a soft bricked Samsung phone.

What do we need to proceed 

  • A bricked Samsung phone
  • Laptop or computer
  • Odin
  • Mobile device driver
  • Stock firmware of your Device or you can also choose a custom one.

Odin is the tool developed by Samsung for its android phones. It is required if you want to root your Samsung android device, or want to install custom ROM into your phone. You can download Odin directly by searching on Google or click here to redirect to official site for Odin.

How to download Stock Firmware

You can download your stock firmware from here. 

Just enter the model number of your device select your region then you are good to go. You might be asked to login to download, but don’t worry it is not going to take to much time. We recommend you to download stock firmware in first place has the size of the firmware is large and it depend on your Internet service provider how much time it take.

How to repair

  • First of all install your device driver on your laptop or computer you will find driver from their official website. Or search directly on Google.
  • Now connect your phone to your laptop or computer using original usb cable
  • Open the download mode in your phone by pressing

Volume down(↓) + Power Button + Home

Now press Volume up to continue

  • Now download the Odin and open it

  • From here you have to click on the PDA

In some versions of Odin you will not find PDA instead their will be AP, Dont worry guys both function are same. Now when you click on the PDA or AP, new screen will appear asking to select the Rom you have to flash in the phone.

  • Select the previously download stock/custom Rom
  • And click on start

You will see it starts some kind of processing, when it finish you will see a green color pass written on top box, then you can unplug your device. Remember only when it is green means the flashing was successful, but if you see red box then it means their is some problem with flashing then you have to repeat all this process again.

  • After unplugging your device power it on.

your phone might take a long time in booting first time, but don’t worry it is normal. In the first boot the android install all the application from the Rom you have installed.

Thanks, hope you like this article, if you have any other question about flashing just comment down below

Top 5 Android Feature That You Might Not Be Using

Android Feature That You Might Not Be Using:

Hey Their,

Android OS was first launched in 22 October 2008. We are using android for long time, but if i told you that their are some basic android feature that you might not be using. These features can be used to increase security of the your  phone or can increase your phone performance. Some features are useful in making your phone really smart.

Here are those 5 Android Feature

  • Android Device Manager.

For me i would consider, Android Device Manager to be the most important feature in android operating system. This make your phone safe from the threat of being lost or stolen. If you enable this feature you ca easily track your phone and find its location and do many other stuff. Click If you want to learn more about android device manager.

  • Smart Lock.

Has clear from the heading is a locking system that make your phone smart. This feature works as follow, For example you want your phone to automatically lock whenever you go to a particle location. Location can be your home, office or anywhere you want to set on Google map. Not a feature that you must have to enable, but seems to be very cool.

  • Airplane Mode.

Most of us when we here about airplane mode or flight mode we may think, we have to enable this feature on airplanes etc. What we never try to know any other feature of flight mode. We all know that when we turn ON the airplane all of our connections such as Internet connection, blue tooth etc. We don’t know is that if we charge our battery in flight mode it will charge 30 – 40 % faster. You should try this atleast one time.

  • Owner Information.

The feature also provide some kind of security to your phone. For instance if you have lost your phone and a good person find your phone, if he see you information on the front lock screen(Phone number, Address etc). He will try to call you or by another he will return your phone but this will only happen if you provide some owner information on the screen. you can add many other information like your blood group etc

  • Enable GPU Randering.

This feature is for gamers and developers. Finding this feature under the setting is not available for first. This feature is inside the developer options. You can open the develop option by going to about phone in there you will find build number, click on the build number 4 times. Then go back you will see an another option the developer menu named “Developer Options” . In the developer options you can easily find option to enable GPU Randering. You may ask what is the function of enabling this feature. By enabling the GPU randering you can increase phone’s gpu performance, you will notice this increase in performance when you play games. Games after enabling this feature will run little bit more smoother then without it.


Hope you like this article, if you have any question about technology feel fee to comment below.