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Top 10 best free music download apps for android in 2018

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android: First of all answer my question,

Do you love Music?

Do you like to pass your free time while listening to music?

or Do you like to listen to music while working?

I’m pretty much sure that the answer to all of these question would be big “Yes”. So, today we at Skullteck we bring you with 10 plus free music download apps for your android device that you should definitely try in 2018.

There are a lot of music download and streaming application that are available for Android, But still, if you are unable to find the best music download apps for your android then you land on a right page. Continue reading Top 10 best free music download apps for android in 2018

Best movies

10+ best movie apps for Android and IOS in 2018

Best Movie Apps:  We all love movies, they make us feel good. While watching movies we are literally out of the world we just feel the character is yourself and consider the story is ours. Movies are also very good for mental health for kids and also for adults, has it give rise to new imaginations and thick new ideas.

Watching movies on our device is not so difficult task but also not a piece of cake, to watch any movie we have to find that movie and most of the case we end at a dead link.

There are other ways to watch movies are also what for that we have to download that Continue reading 10+ best movie apps for Android and IOS in 2018

recuva featured

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted or Corrupted Data

Whenever we delete something important in our computer or laptop, we can recover that data from recycle bin or trash. But if we accidentally delete data from recycle bin then we can’t recover that data from recycle bin. Especially in the Case of SD Cards or Pen Drives whenever we delete data stored in these storage medias then the data does not go to the recycle bin. In this kind of situations, we need a proper way Continue reading How to Recover Accidentally Deleted or Corrupted Data

How to Compress A 1GB files To 100MB

Compress a 1GB file to 100MB:

Hey their,

With the advancement in technology like in cameras, high graphic games size of file as also been greatly increased. For example few year earlier, if we click a photo its size would be less 1MB. But now the size would be between 3-4 MB. That is good think that it increase the quality of image. But it also cause our storage to fill faster.


So, what can we do to store lot of files but worrying about storage, one good solution to this problem is by compressing the file on your device. Their may be lot of compression tools out their, but here we are going to discuss the KGB archiver. This is a free tool and is very easy to use.

You can download KGB archiver from here

How to use KGB archiver

This tool is really easy to use just follow the following steps to compress files

  • Download the KGB archiver from the above link
  • Install it on your laptop or computer

After installing open KGB archiver, you will see the following screen.

  • Now just click next, choose a place where you want to store file on your computer, also name the file whatever you want. As in this example i choose the file name to be demo. Now here you have to select the format of archive. You will get to option zip and kbg. If you choose the zip then you cannot compress the file to maximum level. if you want to compress GB file to MB we recommend you to go with kgb.


  • Next choose the level of compression for you file, and then choose the file you want to compress that can be any file in any format, here for example i am taking a video file and press next
  • Here the compression starts

Now the time taken in the compression process depend on the size of the file you are compressing, larger the file more time it take to compress. after completion it will show

The KGB archiver is really an awesome tool for compressing larger file, the main problems with this tool is that the larger files take lot of times, and we can choose the maximum compression in only kgb format.

Problem with kgb format is that, we can open zip file with any compression tools like win zip, winrar etc. but for kgb file can only be decompressed with KGB archiver. The process of decompressing is same as that of compressing, in here you have to choose decompress archiver from the first screen.

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google play rewards

How To Make Google Play Rewards with Android in 2017-18(#Tried-Method)

Make Google Play Rewards with Android:

Hey Their,

We spent a lot of money on our mobile phones, on recharges, buying apps on Google play store and are many other things. but have you think that, is there any way to make Google play rewards with android. The answer to this question is yes you can make some money through android.Thankfully there are plenty of apps to be found in the Google Play store which can help you to make money with android.

There may be a lot of android application that can make money for you on Android, but here we discussing only one, that we have tested and are worked for us.

google play rewards

So, here is our best app to make Google play Rewards on android

Google Opinion Rewards

Google costs us a lot of money if you go and buy the applications or do some in-app purchases in Google play store. You may be surprised to know that the Google has a money-making app. This app gives you play store credit that you can use to play store to buy stuff. Of course, you are not going to make a lot of money by this app, but it is most trusted one. And I personally use this application.

This is the easiest app to use, here you don’t have to download any applications or watch and videos to make money. Here you just have to answer a survey, Usually, a survey consist of 3 – 4 questions. It does not take much time survey can be completed within 1-2 min.

This way of making money with android is not a fast way but you can get some of the credit, and something is better than nothing.

You can download Google Opinion Rewards from

                                    Google Opinion Rewards App

  • The credit directly transferred to your play store wallet, like in some other apps you have to collect points and then you can redeem them for play store gift card

 you can check the balance in play store by

Open the Play store >> navigate to Account  >> click on Payment Methods

There you will find the Google Play Balance

  •  Most safe application to make money with android.
  • We have to wait for surveys, and you will get only 1 or 2 surveys in a week
  • The play store credit is not transferable

Few words 

We strongly recommend you to download and try this application, in this app you have to sign in with your Gmail account.

After sign in the Google will take some time to verify your account just be patience your account will be verified within 24 – 48 hours, and this is a one time process for an account.

Hope you like this article, if you have any other application to thing is good for making money please comment down below