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How to replace kingRoot with SuperSu in Android

Replace KingRoot With SuperSu: A few days earlier we have posted an article to root android with the help of some apps “Apps to root android with or without a computer“. There is no problem with that article but, if you have read that article to root your device then most probably you have used king root app to root your android because it is the easiest method and it supports nearly all of the devices. But if you have done that you will not get the Supersu installed on your device instead of you will get Kingroot app.

Kingroot app is not that bad but it in some scenarios this app does not perform well, And as from your previous article if your phone is Mtk based then you have to root your device Continue reading How to replace kingRoot with SuperSu in Android

Top 10 best free music download apps for android in 2018

Best Free Music Download Apps For Android: First of all answer my question,

Do you love Music?

Do you like to pass your free time while listening to music?

or Do you like to listen to music while working?

I’m pretty much sure that the answer to all of these question would be big “Yes”. So, today we at Skullteck we bring you with 10 plus free music download apps for your android device that you should definitely try in 2018.

There are a lot of music download and streaming application that are available for Android, But still, if you are unable to find the best music download apps for your android then you land on a right page. Continue reading Top 10 best free music download apps for android in 2018

dual boot androdi

How to Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher

Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher: Hello friends, today we are back with a new amazing trick and heard right to dual boot android. Now a day android is not just a simple operating system that is required to just operating a phone. When an android is in your hand this opens door to a lot of possibilities like, increase ram(Virtual RAM), dual boot android (multi Rom Installing) and many more. Also, their and lot of easy methods to root android by using a computer or even without a computer.

We have all heard about dual booting our laptop or desktop computer but, the thing we Continue reading How to Dual Boot Android using Dual Boot Patcher

Best movies

10+ best movie apps for Android and IOS in 2018

Best Movie Apps:  We all love movies, they make us feel good. While watching movies we are literally out of the world we just feel the character is yourself and consider the story is ours. Movies are also very good for mental health for kids and also for adults, has it give rise to new imaginations and thick new ideas.

Watching movies on our device is not so difficult task but also not a piece of cake, to watch any movie we have to find that movie and most of the case we end at a dead link.

There are other ways to watch movies are also what for that we have to download that Continue reading 10+ best movie apps for Android and IOS in 2018

dual whatsapp

4 ways to use Dual WhatsApp account on a Single Android Device 100% Working

Dual WhatsApp Accounts: Hello friends, We all use social networking applications like facebook, telegram, twitter etc, but among all of them the most commonly used one is WhatsApp. And Do you want to use dual WhatsApp account on your single device?

We searched the web little bit but, we found most of the method available on the internet for using dual accounts on one device are fake or outdated i.e are not working presently.

So, today we will show some different ways by which you can install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Most of the methods that we have seen over the internet are only for rooted phones. That makes you think do I really need to root my device for using dual WhatsApp account on the single device. My answer is a big “NO“. Rooting your device for just to use two WhatsApp accounts on one device would not be a great idea. Instead, we are now providing you with some of the working and proven method that will work on both the rooted and non-rooted devices.

Features for Dual WhatsApp

While installing dual or multiple WhatsApp account you might think do I really need to install this and what will the feature if I use this.

So, these are the highlighted features of the using multiple whats app account on your device.

  • Use 2 WhatsApp Account or Dual WhatsApp Account
  • WhatsApp for Dual Sim
  • Easy to install and activate
  • No Ban issue
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Hide blue tick
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Latest Mod for new design and features
  • Constantly being updated with new features
  • Locking System
  • Finger Print, Code Locking security
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Calling
  • Custom Icon
  • Material Design
  • No file sharing limit
  • and many more…..


  • A working Android Device(Rooted or Non-rooted this trick will work on both of the devices)
  • Internet Connection(To download the software need for using multiple accounts on single device)
  • Installation from unknown source should be enabled on your device

Methods to Dual WhatsApp account on your device

So, here are the methods that we have personly tested on our Android device.


Our very first method to use dual accounts include an app which is freely available, just head to google and search for parallel space or you can download it directly from the links given below.

   Download OGWhatsapp

Now, what is this application all about?

OGWhatsApp is one of the most established and most working tricks to run Dual WhatsApp on any Android gadget. Download the most recent version of OGWhatsApp from the link given below and follow the well-ordered Instruction to install it on your Phone.

This method will work on both rooted as well as non-rooted devices
Follow these simple instructions steps to go:
  • Take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data and restore it.
  • Delete all the WhatsApp data by going to Settings>apps>WhatsApp>Clear Data.
  • Rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can use any file manager for Android to do this task, or from Windows.
  • Uninstall your original WhatsApp app from your Android device.
  • Now install OGWhatsApp on your Android smartphone.
  • Once installed, remember to verify your old number that was previously registered with the original WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp. That is it.
  • Now re-install the official WhatsApp for your other number from the play store.

Parallel Space

Image result for parallel spaceParallel Space is a basic App that let us clone any App introduced on our Device. WhatsApp, as well as some other application including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth, can be cloned with this Parallel Space application. I added this trick to the highest priority on the rundown on the grounds that, with Parallel Space you can also double Messenger, Facebook, Instagram alongside WhatsApp also.

   Download Parallel Space

Step by step instructions to Use Parallel Space for Two WhatsApp Account

  • Ensure that the Official WhatsApp is introduced on your telephone.
  • Open Parallel Space App.
  • Tap on the + Icon to dispatch the rundown of Apps introduced on your gadget.
  • Select WhatsApp from the rundown showed up.
  • Sit tight while to clone WhatsApp.
  • When you are done, Simply open Parallel Space, tap on WhatsApp and open it.
  • Enter your optional Number, Verify the OTP, transfer DP and begin utilizing the second WhatsApp on your telephone.

Multi-User in Lollipop and above

Image result for lollipop android

If you have recently bought an android phone the most probably your android version will be lollypop or above.

If yes, then you can use dual WhatsApp on your device without the use of any third party software. In the Android version 5.0 and above you get this feature you can use it by simply following these instructions given below.
Follow these simple steps to begin:
  • Add Multi-User on Android Lollipop-Based smartphone, you can do this by, just go to Settings and click on Users and then Add User.
  • After creating a new user, provide complete details to set up a new user account
  • Switch to the New User by pulling down the notification bar and clicking on New User Icon.
  • Once turned to New User, you will be provided with an all-new phone interface with default phone settings.
  • Now, Install WhatsApp in the New User Mode from play store.
  • Once WhatsApp is downloaded, you can use this WhatsApp as your normal one, That’s it.
You have now successfully installed dual WhatsApp accounts on a single android without rooting or installing any other custom ROM.



Here comes truly outstanding and most advantageous strategy to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single Android device. This strategy is for you in the case that you are searching for a technique to use two WhatsApp on one Android device without OGWhatsapp. There is another application known as GBWhatsapp which is the best option alternative of OGWhatsapp.

   Download GBWhatsApp

In this way if, you are searching for working GBWhatsapp apk. Yes Indeed, it is one of the best strategies to run 2 WhatsApp on android without root. We are sharing direct download connection of GBWhatsapp here.

Step by Step Instructions to install and use GBWhatsapp

  • Switch to install from unknown sources
    go to Settings –> Security –> Tick on Unknown Sources.
  • Download the GBWhatsapp from the above download links and install it on our device. Now, wait until the installation complete once you see a success message then you are good to go.
  • Now, Open the GBWhatsapp from your menu, you will see the options that are same as that of normal original WhatsApp.
  • Now it will ask for your number enter your mobile number here and wait for your the OTP.
  • After, getting OTP Enter your OTP on your phone and verify it.
  • That’s it, now you are using the GBWhatsapp and its new cool features.

Final Words

So, guys, these were the different ways that are we have tested and can be used for using dual WhatsApp on your device. If any of these methods are not working then please let us know in comments.

If you ask for our favorite then it would be GBWhatsapp has it got a lot of features.

Thanks (-_-)

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