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How to Fix Error in Blog Directory Submission | Directory Submission

Fix Blog directory submission error: The blogging is not that easy for starters, has ranking an URL in Google is not so difficult task. But, by that you possible be ranked at 3rd or on the last page of google search. And believe me, it will not help you in getting you traffic. Because Very few people will search for any query and look on the 2nd page of Google to find the result of the query. And I’m that will not be enough traffic for any blogger. Google look for a lot of factors while ranking any website. We can’t discuss all of those in here, but, today I will let you know one of the important factors that matter most. Yes, that is Backlinks.

Nowadays the backlinks are the backbone of any blog. There is no limit of backlinks that you have to create to rank your site on the first search page of Google. You have to create a lot of backlinks.

The backlinks have it is termed are the links of your site on the other sites, moreover, if you want to rank your site on google I suggest to make backlinks from authority sites only.

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Types of Backlinks 

There may to many types of backlink, but according to me, what matters for Google is NOfollow and Follow backlinks.

We have to lot of follow links and also little bit Nofollow.

So, how to create these backlinks?

There are many methods that are available create backlinks. the most popular are

  • Guest Posting
  • Commenting
  • Web 2.0 Directory submission

If you ask any pro blogger about what are best type backlinks then, I’m sure that they will reply with Guest posting.

But, guest posting is not an easy one, especially for new bloggers, in the guest posting you have to write a post for another authority site and in the back they give you one or two backlinks. But if you are a new blogger, then you have to write a new post every day. And writing for other is also very time-consuming.

For me, I think the best way to create backlinks is the commenting and web 2.0 directory submission. As they work like charm.

But, the problem with the comment backlinking is that the most of the website out there only provide you with Nofollow backlinks especially the authority site. So, what to do here.

Sorry for that kind of the problem we don’t any proper solution you have to search different site to check what kinda link they are providing. You can do that by right-clicking on any anchor text in the comment then click on Inspect Element.

Here you will see text like this “rel=follow” or “rel=Nofollow”.

here if you see “rel=nofollow”, the site is provided Nofollow backlinks otherwise it follows backlinks. Don’t worry if you can’t find “rel=” then the site is providing follow backlinks.

Here comes the final part the Web 2.0 submission, my favorite one.

The web 2.0 submission is the best way to make a lot of backlinks, basically, it is just like the telephone directory, in that there are phone numbers of all important destinations.similarly, the web 2.0 directory is created for that purpose but, instead of a list of phones here is the list of sites, and these directories also allow you to submit your own URL at their site. But many of us are facing error while submitting the URL, here we are going to discuss them one by one. from here you can easily fix Blog directory submission error

Fix Blog Directory submission Error

There are some errors that some of you might be facing while directory submission so sits tight we are going to solve them are. Most of the people are getting the error like this.

The URL could not be validated Error Either the page does not exist or the server could not be contacted. URL already exists in the directory.

Here are few ways to tackle Blog directory submission error, just follow us below.

  • First of all, make sure that you are not submitting the same URL again.if  you are then I suggest you change your URL you are submitting and check that if that work or not. If it still not working then proceed to next step.
  • There might be some problem with that directory submission site, you can check other sites also, see if others are working are not. and if you want to submit your post to that particular directory then you should contact the directory owner or manager and tell them your problem.
  • You should also check that the URL that you are providing is right one one word mistake might cause a lot of problems here. so, you should definitely check that out.
  • There any many of the blogs are using the “Https://” instead of “Http://” since the https is a secure method so, it also might be causing a problem is validating the URL you are providing. If that is the case then you have to move to HTTP to submit the URL in the web 2.0 directory submission

So, here was the problem that you might encounter while directory submission if there is any other problem that you are facing then let us know in comments.


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