All about Rooting

Hey Skulls, learn All about Rooting

Many android user may have Question about Rooting in their minds. In this blog we try to give answer to some of those questions. We will also discuss our opinion about whether we need to root our android mobile phone or not.

All about Rooting – Skull Teck

All about Rooting

  •  What is rooting ?

We  can do alot to customization and tweaks on the computer systems, but we cant do that much on android phones. Android phones are limited to its usage by its developer, even if we have a android phone with a good hardware we can’t use it to its full potential because the operating system is stopping us to use  do that. what also know that the software is not perfect, every software as some bugs and we can advantage of those bugs to crack the software to gain the full control of the hardware. And this step of gaining the full control of hardware  is called rooting

  • Rooting is legal or Illegal?

Many mobile phone developer consider it illegal to  root your android and they do not provide any warranty for the rooted  products. So, if you are think to root your device you need to consider that also. But their are some  other manufacturer who consider phone rooting to be legal For example, all Google’s Nexus smartphones and tablets allow easy, official rooting

  • Rooting is easy or Difficult?

Answer to this question completely depend on your which android device your are using. Their are some popular device in which the rooting can be done easily in one or two step, while other require a Bigger and Difficult procedure.

  • Is that the rooted can receive OTA updates?

No, the rooted phone can’t receive OTA updates as the phone software is cracked.

Our Opinion

In our opinion we did not recommend a normal phone user to go for rooting. Their was a time we can’t to do too much with android. But now with every new android OS.  The google is providing more and more option to customization of android . But if you want to do some crazy works like flashing different Roms and want to try apps build for only rooted phone then you can surely go for rooting

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