10 APK to root android with or without computer in 2018

How to Root Android without a computer? I need to root my phone or not? What are the gains of rooting? If you also have these questions that arise in your mind whenever you think to root your Android device, then you are at right place. In this article, I will try to clear all of your doubts about Android rooting. Here I will also show you a different method to root your android device with or without a computer.

Is these methods can be applied to the tablet?

Yes, The tablets and mobiles have many things in common, most important is they share common OS Android. That is the all we need you can easily root any Android tablet or mobile phone without any problem by just following some instructions.

What is Rooting

Here we are talking about rooting, but first of all what is Rooting. The rooting is a process of gaining administrative permission in your device. In the rooting process, there is an SU binary which is installed on your device and this SU binary let you the control of the root directory. Basically, when we buy a new mobile or tablet its use is restricted by the developer to prevent accidental damage or by other company reasons. And by rooting your device you will gain the full control of your device. The Rooting a device as many advantages but it has some disadvantages also that I have discussed below.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Rooting


  1. Increase Mobile speed and Battery life
    By rooting your device you can increase your Mobile speed and it’s Battery life as there is software that can be used to tweak your android speed by changing the processor’s clock speed. Similar is the case with the battery life you will get tools like greenify to improve the battery life on your Android device.
  2. Install Custom Roms
    One thing that I like about android is that you can install custom ROM on your device, there are a lot of custom ROMs available, you can use them to change the complete look of your Android. My favorite custom ROM is the CyanogenMod.
  3. Increasing Internal Memory
    After rooting your device you can increase your internal memory of your device by uninstalling the apps that are not in use but yet they consume a lot of memory. You might think that you uninstall them without the root also but you can’t remove the undesired system apps that are just forced into your phone and are of not use
  4. Increasing the RAM
    This is a tricky process yes, you can increase the ram on your Android device by allocating some memory from your internal or external sd card as virtual ram Click here to read more about how to increase RAM in your android device.
  5. Install Incompatible apps
    Some of the really cools apps in android are not allowed to run on your device until your phone is not rooted. So after rooting you can install all of these apps


Besides all these important advantages of rooting, there are some disadvantages also that you need to consider

  1. Bricking of device
    Rooting an Android device is not a very difficult task but sometimes a small mistake can brick your device. Brick will be the soft Brick. The soft brick is the state in which the device stuck at boot, or it will boot again and again in a loop.
  2. Security issue
    The rooted device gives you more power but it will lower your device security. It is often seen that the rooted devices are more vulnerable to the hackers.
  3. Warranty issue
    Many of the mobile phone developer companies take rooting as an illegal process so they don’t provide warranty for the rooted devices. Yet, in some of the devices, rooting is not taken as illegal you might first check your device for that as per I know the google devices are one of them.

Requirement to Start rooting

  • Make sure your device battery is more than 40%, it does not require that much battery life what precaution is better than cure.
  • Enable install from unknown sources
    To enable it Go to Phone Settings >> Security >> enable the option Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Disable antivirus on your device.

10 APKs To Root Android Without Computer In 2017

1. Framaroot

The framaroot is a one-click root software available to root android without a computer system. Personally is like framaroot it has easy to use interface and you can root and unroot your device easily in just a few steps without a computer system. The framaroot developed by alephzain from XDA Developer Forum. This app is working on many android devices but we have tested in for 2.3 to 4.2 (TESTED).


    Download Framaroot

How To Use Framaroot the Step by Step guide is given below

  • Download the Framaroot.APK from XDA developer website or Download from the link given above.
  • Install APK on your device, you might have to enable the install from unknown sources.
  • After install, you will see an application launch icon on the menu.
  • Open the app by clicking on the icon.
  • Now in the app select the Install SuperSu and select the exploit for your device.
  • After some time it will show the success message if it not and show any error just try another exploit.
  • Finally, reboot your device if you see the SuperSu app in your menu it means your device is successfully rooted.

2. VRoot

VRoot is the another very useful app to root android without PC, But I would recommend you to first check for the Framaroot has it has easy to use interface and you can root and unroot your device very easily. It is available for both mobile and computer. It means you can use this android app to root your device without your computer or you can use a computer to root your Android device. Firstly the software was launched with the name of root but now in some reasons, it is also called as iRoot.


    Download vRoot

Here is the Step by Step guide on how to root android with computer

  • Download your Android device’s drivers and any other relevant ADB drivers to your Windows personal computer.
  • Download the vRoot for Windows, and install it on your computer.
  • Now enable USB debugging on your device and connect it to your computer by USB cable.
  • Wait for the vroot to automatically detect your device and if you see and pop-up window in your device click yes. This tool will automatically check your device for rooting and inform you whether your device can be rooted with this tool or not.
  • If your phone is supported then click on the root option and wait for the vroot tool to finish rooting and then finally reboot your device.
  • Congurlations your device is rooted now

Like these applications, there are many other application that can be used to root Android with or without pc and their usage is same as above given software.

3. Universal AndRoot

Universal Androot is also very popular among apps that can root several Android devices without the need of a computer. There are many versions of Universal Androot but I recommend you to use the latest version only.

universal androot

   Download Universal AndRoot

4. SRS One Click Root

SRS is not much popular, but it is one of the best rooting software. This is available for all versions of windows. The SRS Tool is like framaroot which as multiple exploit that let you root your device error and risk-free. You can download the latest version of this software from here

Download SRS Tool

5. Root Master

The Root Master is simple, easy and faster way to root your android device The Root Master can easily root many mobile and tablet device from HTC, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA etc. The Root Master is available for PC to root the Android device, but in the latest version of the Root Master, they make it use directly on the mobile phone to root the device. You can download the latest version from here

   Download Root Master

Serial NoApp NameDownload Link
6.Z4RootSearch Google
7.Towel Roothttp://towelroot.org/Towelroot.apk
8.Easy Rooting ToolkitSearch Google
9.Unlock RootSearch Google

Few Words: So, these are the ten APKs to root your Android device. You can use any app to root your android device but, I recommend you to first try the framaroot has it has more success rate than any others.

Also, the rooting process for all of the One click root apps is nearly same. You just have to install the apk, open and click to root.
Hope I clear your all question about rooting if you have any question left feel free to comment down below.



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