How To Setup Your Own Android Project

Android App development seems to be a very tough job, but it is not. In this article we are going to Setup Your Own Android Project to insert code to develop android applications. To do so we need to setup our project files in android studio so that we can write some code to develop android app. Now when you finish installing the android studio.

Setup Your Own Android Project

Open the android studio.exe, this will pop up a window, in here choose to create a new project

setup android studio

Here you will asked for the application name and company domain, You have to give the Application name, and also the domain name if you have, if you don’t have you can put here any thing you want basically the purpose of this domain name is to uniqily identify your app on play store, for example their are multiple application with the same name then it will be identified by their domain name.

After choosing you application name and domain name click next

In here you have to choose for which platform you are developing app

i.e from Android 1.0 to the latest one

Now you might think to go the lowest one to cover more and more device, but that will also be not good. for example if you choose Android 2.3, then you cant choose the latest update of android in your application like material design and many more, as per i recommend you to go with the Android 4.0 and above as it cover the 80% of the total devices, other option their are for whether the application is for mobile only or you want to develop them for other platform also like Android TV , WEAR, GLASS etc. But here we are considering only android phone application so leave the other option unchecked and click next.

Next you will see a window to choose the for your android application as if you want to create a navigation drawer activity you can simply choose from here and the android studio will do most of the front end work for you. But in the example we are going to stick with th blank activity.

choose the blank activity and click next

In Android studio you have to name all the activity that you used in application development. But here we just keep the default activity name and click Finish.

On clicking to finish button the android studio start some processing. If you are making your first application it may take longer then usual. After it finish up processing it will end up with the following screen.

You can check your project in the project explorer tab

That it for Now in the next article we will discuss about how to setup android virtual device and how to create your first android application


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