How To Setup Android Studio To Develop Android Apps (On Window)



Android Studio is the official Tool for android application development. You can download the latest version of android studio from Android Studio 2.3.3 Download, If you are new to installing Android Studio on windows,you will find a file, which is named as android-studio-bundle-162.4069837-windows.exe .So just download and run on windows machine according to android studio wizard guideline.

This tutorial will consider that you are going to setup your environment on Windows machine having Windows 8.1 operating system.


  • Window operating system, you can also choose mac or linux but here in this tutorial we are considering window 8.1 Home
  • Android studio setup
  • Java JDK setup Installed


So, lets start installation of android studio on window, first of download the above setup file. By visiting  the above links you may find different setup files that are bigger and smaller in size but choose only the recommend one.

Now open android-studio-bundle-162.4069837-windows.exe, this will start the setup

Click next, and then choose what you don’t want to install. you will get option between android sdk and the virtual device. But we recommend you to install all of these as you are going to require all of these to develop android applications

android install

Click next, and you will see a license menu, read if you want but you have to click on I Agree to install android studio on your device.

Android Studio License

After clicking on I Agree you will navigate to Dialog where you can choose a location where you want to install Android Studio Setup.

Here you can select your custom location or we recommend you to go with the default location.

The installer defaults to creating a shortcut for launching this program, or you can choose to decline. I recommend that you create the shortcut, then click the Install button to begin installation.

In the next screen you will see a progress bar indicating the installation process of the android studio you can see the details about the installation process by clicking the show button.

After completing the installation a dialog box will appear

Now the installation is completed, now click on the finish button keeping the start android studio button checked

Running the android studio

Although the installation process is completed but you cannot use the android studio, you have to configure the android studio for first time. After clicking the finish button you will be asked to choose between the previous backup of the android studio but if you are installing first time, just choose the alternative to that option and press OK.

Now you would see a welcome window, here just click next

Next, you have select the type of setup for android studio whether you want to install the Standard or custom, i recommend you to choose standard

Now verify your setting and click next

Here setup will download the necessary repository and other setting to run you application development smoother. After finishing it will leave you with the window

Now from here you can continue to develop your android applications.

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