How To Create First Android Application(Hello World) And Test It Using AVD

In our last article we installed the Android Studio on window Computer/ laptop. Now we would start to develop our android apps, but before writing code for our apps and start running it, we need to check whether the Android SDK and Java JDK are installed on its proper location you can easily check that by clicking on file project structure, and their you will see the android SDK location and JDK location

Make sure that the to Android SDK and Java JDK are correct, you can also change the path of these location by clicking on the browse button

Installing Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator

Another thing that you must check before proceeding is the whether you have installed intel x86 emulator accelerator it is not that necessary, but if you have enable it your emulator will work faster

To enable this feature

Click on the SDK Manager >> SDK Tools

Install IIntel x86 emulator accelerator and click OK

Installing Android Virtual Device

Now you can use the android studio to code your applications but one thing that still we don’t have discussed is the android virtual device. The android virtual device is basically an emulator for the android studio. While developing application you can test your application on AVD(android virtual device).

 So, how to set up the Android virtual device for that click on the android device manager. This will pop up a new window, here click on Create Virtual Device

Here you can choose a device of your own choice, but i recommend you to go with nexus 5x. After choosing your device you have configure some other settings like name of the device, Ram that you want to allocate, for better performance we recommend you to go with maximum possible Ram that you can set, as it will help your device to boot up fast.

Has you have successfully installed you android virtual device now you can run this device by clicking on the launch the android virtual device(a Play style button), on clicking that button the AVD starts to load now the time required by loading depend on the power of your processor and Ram.

After loading you will see the window showing a phone, now for first time the boot takes more time to load than the normal. But in the final you will get your AVD up and running.


Now we have set up all of the setting required, to run the app on the emulator or to test your app on the android virtual device you have to click on the run button and then choose your device on which you want to test your application(You can make multiple AVD in the android studio). It will take some time load your application on the android device.


Try not to close the android virtual device until you are working with android studio, has it will slow down your work speed.

Instead of Android Virtual Device you can also use your real phone has an emulator but we will discuss that in our next article.


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